Advantage to Insight | Arcanis feat. Henry Lopez

Click to listen! Return to Arcanis: The World of Shatted Empires! Welcome Henry Lopez, creator of Arcanis to the show as we dive into topics about the campaign setting, the origins of the game, the long running organized play campaign, and the Kickstarter campaign now FULLY FUNDED! This week on Advantage to Insight! (This episode is dedicated to the […]

Advantage to Insight | Unearthed Classes feat. Alex D’Amico

Click to listen! If you make lemonade from lemons, what do you make when Unearthed Arcana gives you class options…? Thankfully, Alex D’Amico is able to make better sense of the recent Unearthed Arcana articles than we are at making jokes–this week on Advantage to Insight! See the full show notes at Misdirected Mark and subscribe for more great podcasts […]